Monday, 10 March 2014

A little help.

Hi guys, for anyone that actually reads this blog or my Twitter etc will know that I've started working on my own game in my spare time.

These are some initial sketches of my character and I'd really like to know which head variant you all prefer (if any) along with any other feedback you may have.



  1. A lot of people seem to like 1 the best. Thanks!

  2. 1 or 3... Not two, I just don't like it as much.

  3. Shame, I liked the idea of 2 but no one else seems to like it so I think I'll stick with 1. Thanks Libbi. :)

  4. I'm a fan of 1 bro. I think it humanizes the character which would make it more emotive for the gamer. X

  5. I think it depends on what type of character it is. I initially thought 3 was some Metal Gear Soild Pocahontas. Give her a sword with an electronic blade and away you go.

    The veil on the 2nd gives an enigmatic sense to the character. It's great but can't help but feel it might better suit an enemy than protagonist.

    I think 1 is a safe bet but sometimes safe isn't always better. Maybe the use of 1 for social interaction and when a battle goes down or traveling extreme terrains then the veil comes up. Least that way you get to use both.

    And yeah if they ever happen to come across Raiden and he passes over his sonic electric blade thing you've a winner with the 3rd.

  6. Thanks Mark, all good points. Especially the part about hiding her face making her look more like an enemy. I think it maybe have to be 1 but I may well try and implement the mask coming up during certain points. Probably the main gameplay mechanic.